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Aug 21, 2014 - Associations of writers    Comments Off on USA and UK: Associations of writers

USA and UK: Associations of writers

Associations-of-writersHow many of you want to become writers in Italy or are still new writers? Here’s what Charles Bukowski would¬†recommend to you:

“If there is anyone among you who feels crazy enough to become a writer, I encourage you to go forward, spit your eye to the sun, hit those keys, it is the best madness possible, forever asking for help, the species spasmodically aspires the light, the gambling, and the laughter. Give them. There are enough words for all of us.” Read more »

Aug 14, 2014 - Writing schools    Comments Off on Become a writer: creative writing schools

Become a writer: creative writing schools

creative-writingTo become a writer you must be above all have a great passion, though this alone is not enough. So what to do? Well, it’s simple, just take a course in creative writing, bearing in mind that today the selection of writing courses is very wide. Are you wondering what the use of creative writing courses is. Well, we respond immediately. The creative writing courses have the aim to raise awareness of your talent. Writing, like any art form, is in fact motivated by the passion and talent, but it is also true that talent and passion certainly can not teach. You increase your writing skills to create perfect work. Read more »